Diane Bisson presents a colourful and textured reflection on cooking and our dietary habits. In face of the proliferation of disposable containers and over-packaging, the author invites us to take up the challenge of transforming food into genuine design material. Flatware made of quinoa, plates for desert, biscuit drinking straws, 100% edible lunches: such are the author’s objectives. Edible, Food as material presents the results of this playful yet scientific journey with a collection of magnificent photographs and over thirty food samples designed and developed by the author.

The samples have been produced with the collaboration of the culinary institute in Montreal (Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec). Her research rests on a vision resolutely linked to sustainable development as it explores the concept of the edible plate as both cultural model and viable material for the reduction of waste. Edible, Food as material fuses art with science to present the possible scope of a future series of edible plates and containers.

Edible is compelling both for its artistic approach, accentuated by Pol Baril’s photographs which highlight the vibrant colours and varied textures of the food, and for the questions raised by the author on the concepts of design, gastronomy and sustainable development.

Edible, Food as material / Comestible, l’aliment comme matériau. 128 pages, colour, full texts in French and English, soft cover, $24.95. Published by les éditions du passage

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